When an eye see a sight,
the heart holds it tight,
evolving a vision beautiful and bright.
People often say, “The ones with foresight are blessed.” Then what about the ones with no sight? Who have never encountered light? Who have days, no different than night?
Vihar studios presents, “SANTHAKAM” directed by VR Karna Madduluri who have highlighted the importance of eye donation in this short film. Ram Romeo and Pradeep Reparthi acted here, captured by Shekhar Boon. Nani Lukka is the DI and Srikanth Koppula the music director.
SANTHAKAM is cleverly directed and captured. The use of blacks in the background throughout, help to perceive the idea of life without light. The dialogues and music together creates the intensity that can give goosebumps. On the whole, it’s beautiful and touching.
Vihar studios, in the coming year will bring many short films, be ready for the trip. Stay tuned. Till then, donate eyes and see another life even after death.

Don’t Make Your Vision Die Be Proud To Donate Eye And Light Up Other’s Life

Vihar Studios Presents  Santhakam Short Film

Written & Directed By VR Karna Madduluri
Casting: Ram Romeo , Pradeep Raparthi
DOP: Sekhar Boon
Music Director: Srikanth Koppula
Dubbing Studio: Artmanss
DI: Nani Lukka
Dubbing Engineering :Rakshan
Post Production: Vihar Studios
Screenplay, Dialogues, Written & Direction: VR Karna Madduluri

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